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from by RyKo

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This was the last song I wrote. It took me forever to think of a name that I liked until I decided on "Vibe". It's the type of song you can just kick back and drive around with your homies listening to.



Splitting swishers, sipping liquor
Then we vibe

Verse 1:

Cruising down the street in my 6-4
Music real loud and we blowin on that endo
Endothermic, dispersin heat with these words
I make the toes of these girls curl
My flow, you will respect it
If it's neglected, you'll be affected in a negative way, there I said it
Just a quick disclaimer
And yo bitch, I just claimed her
She came to my side, Luke became Darth Vader
If I was you, I wouldn't date her
If you need that work I can cater
Black and silver Jordan's like I'm playing for the raiders
Heating up, coming from Minnesota to the equator

Verse 2:

Watch me switch this flow up
I can kick it for a
Minute listen for the
Change in the tempo
Insane in the mental
My brain is so special
The way the waves take in these instrumentals
It's so simple
This ain't about the money and fame
I got school for that, classroom straight flexing my brain
To provide for my family and give em what they need
Around the age of three, opened my eyes to see that cash rules everything around me
Anything for the green
Some go for the degree, and some hustle on the streets
At the end of the day we're all chasing the same thing
We all got the same dreams
Give our kids the life that we never had
So they can take on life and stand a better chance, and advance through the social class
Till they make it to the top, and if they don't then all your hard work was for naught
Then again, does any of this matter, if we all good in the eyes of the Lord?
Gotta stop with worries, that's why I drive around singing out


Splitting swishers, sipping liquor
Then we vibe

Verse 3:

Watching 90's cartoons on Netflix
Big ass can of Arizona eating chex-mix
What do ya expect
I guess I'm still just a kid at heart
Sometimes I wander around and get lost at Walmart
I still don't fuck with the dark
Love jumping off swings at the park
I still believe I can be what I really wanna be
I still get butterflies when pretty girls stop and say hi to me
Still insanely good at hide and seek
Now close your eyes and count to three
And make sure that you don't peek
Are you ready?
1, 2, 3...


from All In, released January 11, 2014



all rights reserved


RyKo Minneapolis, Minnesota

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