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The Message

from by RyKo

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Just an old school sounding Hip-Hop joint right here.. That boom bap east coast sound. This is the type of music I grew up on!



What up y'all?
It's RyKo
That old school vibe
Something to bump in the ride
That boom bap rap
Then the beat gets, scratched
Check it out now, listen

Verse 1:

I'm bringing the old school back and no you can't get on a track
The back to back champ, sipping cognac and playing blackjack
I know you're probably taken aback at how I flip these words like flapjacks
You got yourself an insomniac, on the track
Hip hop is dead I went to hell, and brought it back
Well rounded like a cul-de-sac, how raw is that?
Amanda Bynes, I'm all that
And then some, so sick like influenza
Nobody understands him
But your girlfriend and all her friends say he's so handsome
Words is bliss and it's ridiculous
These rappers getting famous spitting this ignorant shit, I'm dismissing these kids
Sadistic visions, of hieroglyphic images I'm distancing myself from the competition
I spit this shit with precision
I pop a Ritalin, and leave my opponents limbs missing
Scratch it up

Verse 2:

They heard I can rhyme nice, so now you wanna be tight right?
On my way to the limelight and they watching, like a pay-per-view fight night
It's my time to kick some fly rhymes
I'm screaming rest in peace every day to the greats who paved the way
So a young cat like me, can do his thing today
Hip hop runs deep in my veins, I go insane in the brain medula, oblongata
I oughta say wassup to my momma cause I wouldn't be here without her
And wassup to my doubters, I'm really proud of ya
Still hating, even though you play my shit every day? It's an honor
Now back to the track, my rhymes are deadly call it acid rap
No chance to withstand this attack
I attached a backpack of explosives
And I'm about to blow, even though I know you got to know this

Verse 3:

Elevating to another destination
Enjoying conversation with blunts in rotation
Salivating in anticipation, medication I got from Capsule Corporation
Super Saiyan slayin, these radio stations
Hip hop abominations, this is Obama's nation
But I still see discrimination and poverty in these third world nations
That's not just speculation
The youth is en route to be nothing but some brutes
Animals in a zoo we let loose on each other
Harming one another, run and duck for cover
Protect your mother, and tell her that you love her
A blessing to this rap game, I'm well respected
I ain't one to be tested, so here's a quick lesson
You'll be hard pressed to find another who's best can stand next to this
And that's the, message


from All In, released January 11, 2014



all rights reserved


RyKo Minneapolis, Minnesota

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