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from by RyKo

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I put on this instrumental one night and just wanted to flex my lyrical abilities and word play.



And I tell em
Ask me about my bars
Check it

Verse 1:

RyKo goes psycho like Michael in game six I'm getting brain from ya main chick and she's my side hoe
You don't wanna try me hoe
Yo girlfriend is a grimy hoe
It's undeniable
The original lyrical rap criminal
Deadly with the multiple syllables
You can't get on my pinnacle
Reborn like a spiritual miracle
Heading the hip hop reform
Pen and pad are my shield and my sword
Leaving anyone in my way looking bruised, confused, battered and torn
Word is bond
This diabolical dialogue
Dispersed from my diaphragm
Gets closer the further you run
Creeping up on you in your dreams
Till you're awoken from your sleep
By loud screams and shrieks
And sirens of the police
Cut you at your knees with ease
The coke fiends know me
I got what they need, I get it straight from Belize
Better believe, I'm playing
I ain't never slanging crack
I really ain't about dat
Try dat shit and you might not be able to live without dat
Don't ever for a second doubt dat
And don't ask for a feature
Cause I'll defeat ya
It will be a massacre so you better bring you a preacher
Preaching to the people
Every mans created equal
But being given that much lyrical skill cannot be legal
So I'm under arrest
You're feeling distressed
Each bar resonates through your chest
It is a no contest
Let me catch a breath
Or better yet, a body
Lead slugs being pumped into ya from the shotty
Now we speeding off in the all black Audi
Heading to Houston
Numbing the pain with Hennessy and Cubans
Way back then, when we was toting the Mac 10's
Blending into the crowd, real professional assassins
This is a written creed
From the rap king so I decree
Let the people be free
A true act of chivalry
Or get blown to smithereens
Smith and Wesson teaching lessons to the adolescents
Never stressing, move with aggression
AP agility with these metaphors and similes
I run Minnesota, try to keep up wit me
In a state of euphoria
Ry - Ko is the empirical formula
Protons and neutrons
I'm dropping atomic bombs
Go into hiding like Sadam
I'll come through Iraq and Iran
Find you in your cave and drag you out by your arms
Always been one step ahead
Everyone knows not to mess wit him
My bars got weight I'm bench pressing them


from All In, released January 11, 2014



all rights reserved


RyKo Minneapolis, Minnesota

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