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Good Morning

from by RyKo

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I wrote this song one day after I experienced the "perfect day". The entire song is me telling the story about this day from the beginning of the day (Good Morning) until that very night where I'm writing this song in my room.


Verse 1:

Good morning, let me take this time to tell you a story
If you don't know me, I'll try not to be boring
It's about the perfect day, well it was for me at least
The type of day so sweet, you wanna press a button to repeat
No need for alarms, I'm on vacation
No violence or crimes when I turn on the news station
Decide to head to Haven Place to start the day with a little wake and bake with my homies
We laughing, joking and smoking on that potent
Rolling up a couple more, and now we zoning
Hop up in the whip, to take a little trip, I already know where we're going
Windows rolled down, bumping to my own shit, then we park outside of Chipotle
It was a hell of a start, to a hell of a day
Gonna meet up with my girl so I go my own way, hey


It was a hell of a start, to a hell of a day
It was a hell of a start, to a hell of a day

Verse 2:

I drive us to our spot, feet hanging off the dock
I think I'm in love, believe it or not
This fairy tale plot, was not, something I ever thought
I would get to have nope, not a chance
For a guy like me, cause every time I'd see
Something good in my life, it would say it's goodbyes
She like me, cause I'm a wise guy, I'm fly, and I treat her right
She caught my eye, and the feelings intensified
Time went by, the days became months, months to years and now we're here
Sipping on a cold beer, all my worries disappear, on this beautiful earth nothing tastes sweeter
Nobodies mad or upset, watching the sunset
Warm feeling in my chest, you got to love it
No humidity, am I doing something differently?
I don't think so, it's got to be wizardry
Everything's perfect, I think I deserve it
For all the sleepless nights I've been working
Perfecting my craft, while trying to make some cash to go to school
Busting my ass just to pass ay


It was a hell of a start, to a hell of a day
It was a hell of a start, to a hell of a day

Verse 3:

We head back home, St. Cloud where I was born
Momma got my favorite meal cooking on the stove
I spend some time with the Lord, that food for the soul
Cause sometimes life, will take it's toll
Whole family here and all, my niece getting so tall
Teaching my nephews to shoot a basketball
I swear they're all getting so big, I take a breath and hold it in
I close my eyes and pray this day will never end
Nothing but good vibes, living the good life
Like an amusement park with no lines, for your favorite rides
Clear blue skies on the 4th of July, sitting on the boat as you watch the sunrise
We all sat in the living room, playing card games and spoons
It's time to go to bed soon
I tell the kids goodnight, they're all tucked in tight
As I'm walking out, I turn on their night light
Then I sat up in my room, to write a new tune
It's this very song here that you're listening to
And when I wanna press replay, to relive that perfect day I play this song and then I say, good morning


It was a hell of a start, to a hell of a day
It was a hell of a start, to a hell of a day


from All In, released January 11, 2014



all rights reserved


RyKo Minneapolis, Minnesota

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