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All In

from by RyKo

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This track has the same name as the mixtape. It goes along with the theme of going "all in" with music. You hear lots of poker and gambling references especially in the first verse (Phil Ivey, craps, beginners luck, double up my chips, cash out).



One time
One time
Ay, ay, ay let's go

Verse 1:

Going all in, opportunity's callin
I dictate my own fate, Joseph Stalin
Never stalling I got places to go, and people to see
I'll never suffer defeat, victory is too sweet
Sweetening the beat with these vocals I speak
I double up my chips and cash out it's just too easy
No beginners luck this is talent you dummy
Dumber than Dinner for Shmucks and you trynna be funny?
I'm rolling the dice and I don't take no crap
I can see the bigger picture without a Kodak
I know that, I'm gonna have to make some tough choices
Tougher than trynna read one of Phil Ivey's bluffs
I've had enough of these phonies acting all tough
They huff and puff but can't fuck with the big bad wolf
If you got a house of bricks that shit will get took
Then fuck around and put yo ass in one of my hooks

Verse 2:

Cause ain't no such thing as halfway crooks
Catch me on the blacktop I'll leave ya shook
Shaking in ya boots like ya laces is loose
Then I pull up for the jumper now you asking for a truce?
The crazy thing is, I'm an even better rapper
I'm working my way up, climbing up the ladder
Approaching the top and I ain't planning to stop
'Til everyone in my way gets dropped
From the glock and I take ya wrist watch, man I'm pissed off y'all musta forgot
I'm trynna kill the competition, KO's only no split decisions
Lyrically I'm gifted, I'm wrapping like it's Christmas
Do ya get it?
If ya don't then man, I just don't know
You might wanna find yourself a different show
Go Peyton Manning on it, call an audible
And go listen to some dumbed down audio
So adios mi amigo
Dos Santos with the knock out blow
Stop drop and roll, cause I came to set fire and get higher
Burning like rubber on tires
Eyes on the bucks, Terelle Pryor
Maybe hit yo ass with a bat like McGuire
Do whatever I desire, until the day I retire
In retrospect, I'll be living off of retro checks
Cause that's old money
Take take no shit from nobody

Verse 3:

Cause when you at the bottom, nobody gives a damn
These people don't give a shit until you're known as the man
Scheming up a master plan, my destiny's in my own hands
Ray Lewis on the goal line stand
Cause I ain't backing down
People starting to ask around town
Who's the king of the cloud?
Tell these mutha fuckas bow down
Coming at you from every single angle like surround sound
Surrender now
You and your conglomerates is lost in the elaborate labyrinth
My lyrics amaze, I struck gold with this rapping shit no Kaepernick
But I'll decap ya neck
Take ya wallet and cash ya check
Smack ya bitch with my dick
Then be quick to snap a pic
Twit pic that shit, for some prevalent dough
Now that's a spectacle
I'm all set to go
And you're susceptible
To this incredible flow
Message to the fathers
Don't leave me with your daughter
She'll walk home tomorrow
Without a single ounce of honor
In high school I made the honor roll
Don't need designer clothes
To pull a lotta hoes
Just gotta kick some knowledge I'll have her number in my pocket
That's my logic, it's so melodic
Preaching spoken word, Muhammad the prophet
I'm like the new world order, you can't stop it


from All In, released January 11, 2014



all rights reserved


RyKo Minneapolis, Minnesota

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